Covid Nasal Spray Vaccine India- Availability, Price, Side Effects, Efficacy

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COVID 19 (Novel Corona Virus) is currently a big issue in front of us. To deal with the deadly virus various vaccines have been introduced across the world. Till now the vaccines available in India is Covishield & Covaxin. Both the vaccines are given through syringes only. Now it has been tried by the various vaccine developing organizations to develop a vaccine that can be given by Nose. These vaccines could be a game-changer third-generation COVID-19 vaccine. Today in this article we are going to provide you all the information we have about the Covid Nasal Spray Vaccine, its availability, effects, price and other related information. 

Covid Nasal Spray Vaccine India

As per the researchers, Covid Nasal Spray Vaccine will be proven more effective than the other vaccines. As it is believed that the virus mainly attacks via the nose. So, if the nasal spray vaccine is developed then it prevents the virus to attack the body. At present there are 100 vaccines for the COVID19 virus is under clinical trial out of which 7 are Nasal Spray. Bharat Biotech who developed Covaxin is also developing a Nasal Spray vaccine named “BBV154”. The vaccine is yet under clinical trial. Also, SaNOtize and Glenmark Pharmaceuticals announced to launch NONS (nitric oxide nasal spray) vaccine on 2 August 2021. This vaccine is also under clinical trial.

Covid Nasal Spray Vaccine

Highlights of Nasal Spray Covid 19 Vaccine

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Covid Nasal Spray Vaccine Availability

As per the courses, NONS vaccine is a nitric oxide-based vaccine that has proven anti-microbial properties. Expert Committee of India’s Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation recommended 3rd clinical trial of NONS. If the trial on Indian patients in the coming weeks is successful then the vaccine is to be available in the market by Q4 2021 (Expected). The SaNOtize and Glenmark Pharmaceuticals have partnered to give the vaccine for the treatment of Covid19 in India and other Asian markets, including Singapore, Malaysia Hong Kong, Taiwan, Nepal, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Timor-Leste, and Vietnam. Bharat Biotech’s nasal COVID-19 vaccine BBV154 is also under clinical trial and expected to launch soon.

Vaccine Efficiency

Till the time according to the researchers, the nasal vaccine is going to be more effective than the vaccines injecting into the human body. Nasal sprays are going to directly attack the virus through the nose and prevent its spread in the lungs. Nasal Vaccine create hurdle for the virus to enter in the human body and it could be proven more effective than injections. Many of the people are injection freaks due to which they didn’t have a vaccine yet. This vaccine will prove very effective for them as they need not get vaccine through the needle. 

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Vaccine Side Effects

Yet the vaccines are under clinical trial so there is no information yet about the side effects of such vaccines. Till now the vaccine available for covid 19 has many mild side effects like fever, cold, fatigue, headache, and more. Side effects of Nasal Spray could be specified after completion of its clinical trial with humans. 

Covid Nasal Spray Vaccine Price

The vaccine will launch very soon in the market as yet both are in clinical trial mode. No information related to the price is released by the authorities yet. Bharat Biotech director said that the BBV154 Nasal vaccine will be pocket-friendly and more effective. It is expected that the nasal vaccine will be less than 150-200 Rupees in India.