Corona 3rd Wave in India: Expected Date, Symptoms & Precautions to Avoid

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With the sudden increase in the coronavirus cases in India in certain states there is a fair in the hearts of the residents that the third wave of the panoramic might be really close. Many big states are recording around 40,000 cases of coronavirus pandemics each and every day and that is the main cause of panic among the residents of the country due to the new and very infectious delta variant which will lead to the third wave. Given below are some important details regarding Corona 3rd Wave in India. Make sure to read about the expected date plus the symptoms and precautions to avoid coronavirus pandemic third state in India given below.

Corona 3rd Wave in India

Recently, there has been an increase in the coronavirus pandemic with around 40,000 cases registered each and every day. A few states with a high population such as Maharashtra, Kerala and the North-East states are witnessing a surge in coronavirus cases daily. This can also be termed as the warning of the third wave. We all know that the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic was very fatal and also grabbed global recognition. Vaccination, however, is going rapidly throughout the country after it was relaunched on 21st June for people above the age of 18 years. 

Corona 3rd Wave in India
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Details Of The Corona 3rd Wave

Name Corona 3rd Wave in India
Variant Name Delta Variant 
Expected Timeline For The Wave August And October
Daily Cases Statistics 30000 to 40000

Expected Date For Corona 3rd Wave in India

The World Health Organisation has said that the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic in India is most probably in advanced stages. The wave will be led by the delta variant of covid-19 which was first reported in India. The next few months will be crucial for the people living in India. Some of the professors also revealed that the third wave has already started in India from 4th July because the statistics from 4th July 2021 are somewhat similar to the first week of February 2021 which was the main start of the second wave of coronavirus. ICMR has already stated that the third wave of the pandemic might hit the nation by August however the intensity of the third wave will be less than the second wave because of the vaccination. It is very difficult to predict a date for the third wave so the people must follow all of the rules and regulations against the spread of coronavirus.

Warnings Against The Covid 3rd Wave 

The AIIMS Chief has warned people regarding the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic by saying that the third stage of the coronavirus pandemic is inevitable and it will definitely come. However, if the people of the country follow COVID appropriate behaviour and surveillance then the spread of the virus can be taken under control. The doctor also warned people to follow COVID appropriate behaviour and maintain social distance if they want to beat the third wave of covid-19 in the country. He also said that the vaccine will of course prevent deaths and hospitalization but the people must follow covid appropriate behaviour whether or not they are vaccinated. Only 6% of India’s total population has been vaccinated since the launch of the vaccinations in January. The people who are fully vaccinated have very low chances of getting coronavirus. 

3rd Wave of Corona Virus Mutation Warning

The AIIMS Chief also emphasized the fact that the coronavirus is a mutating virus that means even if you have taken your vaccine it is highly likely that you will get affected through the mutated coronavirus. However, two-thirds of the Indian population have developed significant antibodies which is a higher statistic as compared to the survey which was taken in January and December which showed only 20% of the country developing antibodies against coronavirus. However, the Chief also emphasised the fact that the virus mutates and a large section of the population can be vulnerable to the new mutation of the virus. The main thing that Doctor Randeep Guleria emphasized is following COVID appropriate behaviour. The mutation of the coronavirus is more infectious mainly because the delta variant spreads rapidly. 

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Precautions To Follow

There are a lot of precautions that the residents of India must follow in order to be protected against the third wave of coronavirus in the country:-

  • Although a large number of Indians are getting vaccinated every now and then, they must not exploit the social distancing norms by going out every now and then without any serious reason.
  • The residents must follow the protocols set by the Government to strictly beat the possible third wave of the pandemic.
  • The residents must respect the decision of the government to open up certain spaces but it doesn’t mean that the residents go and exploit these places.
  • Each and every resident must get vaccinated with both of the doors as soon as possible.
  • Make sure to use surgical masks instead of cloth masks to prevent the successful spread of coronavirus. 
  • Last but not the least, make sure to follow covid-19 precautions wherever you go.