Labour Card Scholarship 2024: Apply Online, Eligibility & Last Date

Most of the Indian population belongs to the middle class, and most of them are from the labour sector. To provide financial support to these labour sectors, the government is launching various schemes annually. The government introduced the scheme, which is called Labour Card Scholarship 2023, in order to provide financial support to the children of labour sector citizens. In this article, we will learn about the benefits, importance, eligibility, and selection process of the scheme.

Labour Card Scholarship

Labour Card Scholarship 2024

The Labour Card Scholarship is a new scholarship program that would provide financial aid to meritorious students from families of blue-collar workers in the UAE. This scholarship demonstrates the UAE government’s commitment to supporting its people’s education and providing equitable opportunities for all. This program is ideal for individuals who have intellectual potential but are unable to pursue further education owing to financial restrictions. This scholarship will cover tuition, textbooks, and other relevant expenditures for the duration of the student’s program, assisting in the formation of a generation of highly trained professionals who will contribute to the UAE’s growth and development.

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Overview Details of Labour Card Scholarship 2024

Name of ScholarshipLabour Card Scholarship
BeneficiariesChildren of Labour
AimFinancial Support
Start Date30-09-2022
End Date16-10-2022

Objectives and Features of Labour Card Scholarship

The objective of this Scholarship is to provide financial assistance to eligible children of registered unorganized sector workers, who are pursuing their education to reduce the financial burden on their families and encourage them to continue their education. The scholarship aims to ensure that every child, regardless of their socio-economic background, has access to quality education and can fulfil their potential. It also aims to empower the unorganized sector workers by providing them with a sense of security and welfare for their families.

Benefits and Importance of Labour Card Scholarship

  • The scholarship provides financial assistance to labourers and their families, easing the burden of school costs.
  • Its goal is to ensure that worthy students have access to high-quality education without regard for their financial situation.
  • Labourers are empowered by the scholarship programme, which encourages them to seek higher education.
  • It recognises the importance of education in changing people’s lives and providing chances for personal improvement and job progress.
  • The scholarship allows labourers and their families to attend reputable educational institutions.
  • It removes financial hurdles that could otherwise prevent them from enrolling in prestigious schools, colleges, or universities.
  • This Scholarship encourages not just traditional academic endeavours but also skill development. It recognises the value of vocational and technical education in assisting individuals in gaining important skills that are in high demand in the labour market.
  • The scholarship improves the employability of labourers and their family members by promoting education and skill development.
  • It provides individuals with the information and skills they need to acquire better work possibilities and enhance their socioeconomic standing.
  • By providing equitable educational opportunities for labourers and their families, the scholarship programme helps to reduce economic inequality.
  • It guarantees that brilliant people from underprivileged origins have an equal opportunity to develop academically and achieve success in their chosen areas.

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Services Available Under Labour Card Scholarship

  • Health Services
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Housing
  • Welfare Schemes

Features of Labour Card Scholarship

  • To be eligible for this scholarship, the student must be a member of a family with a valid labour card, and their yearly family income cannot exceed a specified amount.
  • The Labour Card Scholarship program gives financial support to qualifying students to cover educational expenditures such as tuition, textbooks, transportation, and other relevant charges.
  • Students at all stages of study, from primary school to university, are eligible for the grant.
  • Candidates for the award are chosen on merit, with applicants evaluated based on their academic achievement, extracurricular activity, and other factors.
  • The scholarship is renewed every year, depending on the student’s academic achievement and other factors.
  • This Scholarship strives to provide a supportive atmosphere for students by providing mentorship and career advice programs to assist them in achieving their academic and professional goals.
  • The program also involves outreach efforts to enhance scholarship awareness and encourage more qualified students to apply.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The student’s parents must be employed full-time in the Beedi, Iron Ore Manganese & Chrome Mines, Limestone & Dolomite Mines, or Cine with at least six months of employment. Contract/Ghar Khata (Home Based) workers are also included in this.
  • The worker’s family’s monthly income from all sources combined should not be more than 10,000
  • The applicant must have aced the most recent qualifying test on their first try. But students who have advanced to the next class are also entitled to apply for the scholarships
  • Scholars who are enrolled in correspondence courses are not eligible.
  • The educational institution must be accredited by or recognised by the government.
  • The scholar needs to have a checking account. In the event of a joint statement, the scholar’s first name should be used.
  • Additionally, each child of the same worker must provide their bank account number.

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Documents Required

  • a photocopy of the employee’s identification card (Form B Register Number in the case of mineworkers).
  • Copy of the front page of a cancelled check or bank pass book (which should include information on the account beneficiary or holder).
  • Passing Certificate or Grade Report from the Prior Academic Year
  • Revenue Authority-issued Income Certificate

Labour Card Scholarship 2024 Last Date

The last date before applying to the Labour Card Scholarship will may depending on the state Government’s Announced policies and guidelines on the Official Website. Generally, the application process of the Scholarship Program opens in the month of July/August and closes by month of October/November of each academic year.

How to Apply Online for Labour Card Scholarship 2024

  • candidates must first go to the national scholarship portal’s official website
  • Your screen will now display the home page.
Labour Card Scholarship
  • The New Registration option should be selected.
  • Your screen will begin to display the instructions.
Labour Card Scholarship
  • Tick off the statement.
  • Select “Continue” from the menu.
  • Enter all the information.
  • Type in your name, birth date, cell phone number, gender, email address, bank information, etc.
  • Type the captcha code in.
  • Select “Register” from the menu.
  • You must now enter your login information.
  • Select “Application Form” from the list of options.
Labour Card Scholarship
  • On the screen will be the application form.
  • Type in information such as the student’s state of residence, name, date of birth, community or category, father’s name, Aadhaar card number, mobile number, scholarship category, gender, religion, mother’s name, annual family income, email address, etc.
  • Simply click “Save & Continue.”
  • the papers online.
  • Simply choose “Final Submission”
  • The application form will be sent successfully.

Labour Card Scholarship Application Status

You must adhere to the straightforward instructions provided if you wish to verify the application status:

  • By clicking on the link provided above, candidates must first go to the national scholarship portal’s official website.
  • Your screen will now display the home page.
Application Status
  • Select the Login menu item.
  • Your screen will go to a new page.
  • Your year must be chosen from the drop-down menu.
  • Your screen will go to a new page.
  • Application ID and password are required.
  • Select the “Submit” context menu.
  • Your screen will start to display the application status.

Labour Card Scholarship Helpline Number

  • For any technical queries, please contact Helpdesk at  helpdesk[at]nsp[dot]gov[dot]in or 0120 – 6619540 (from 8 AM to 8 PM on all days, excluding holidays)


Who are the Beneficiaries Under this Scholarship ?

  • Children of Labour Workers

What is the main Objective behind this Labour Card Scholarship ?

  • To Provide Financial Assistance to all the Children of Labour Workers.

What is the Official Website of This Scholarship ?


What is an registration mode of the program?

  • online mode is available to make an registration