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Zomato Gold Membership Plan | Zomato Pro Promo Code | Zomato Gold Benefits

We all know that food always comes first because, without tasty yummy food, our life is useless. And of course, who does not like food, it’s a life savior. There are so many food apps where you can order food but the best of them is Zomato, here you can find the best places to order or dine in. Let me tell you that Zomato is the best of them and many people take advantage form this app. But now it has the best offer which is Zomato Golden Membership 2024.

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If you are a food lover and you like to explore the best places to get food especially those who are a food vlogger this offer will get their attention. From providing free drinks and food now they have prepared golden plans which keep, no matter if it’s for a reunion, a get-together, or a commercial enterprise lunch, not nothing can prevent you from the exceptional food.

Zomato Gold Membership

What Is Zomato Gold Membership Plan

Zomato Gold is an extraordinary dine-out social ingesting club application that extends unique perks like a complimentary dish and up to two complimentary liquids whenever you dine at or hit the bar at more than 4000 associate eating places throughout India. Zomato Gold is a club application where customers can avail extraordinary offers at Gold-tagged eating places, bars, and lounges throughout the country. The subscription to the Zomato Gold Club may also permit the purchaser to reserve any complimentary liquids(alcoholic and non-alcoholic). The club additionally comes with the benefits of online orders for meals.

Overview Details about Zomato Gold Membership Plan

Name of the planZomato Gold Membership Plan
Launched byZomato
Official website___

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Zomato Pro

Various people get confused about what is it, let me tell you that Zomato Gold has been upgraded now it is a Zomato Pro. It offers exclusive deals on delivery and restaurants and never forgets to secure significant savings with multiple discounts.

Zomato Pro Promo Code

To use a Zomato Pro Promo Code, First, you need to Sign Up for the Zomato Pro Subscription Service. After Signing Up you can check the Ongoing Discounts & Promotions on the Zomato Application or Official Website. These promotions may include Discounts on food Orders. When you’ve found the good Promo code you can use it on Check out time of the Order. It can give you Good Discounts or Promotions on the Order.

Three Months Membership of Zomato Gold

Get a free 3-month Zomato membership. If you know someone who has a Zomato Pro membership, you can ask them to give you a free 3-month membership. Zomato has introduced a new offer where existing Pro members can gift their friends a 3-month membership. Once you have the activation code, redeem the code in the Zomato app to start your free membership. If you have a Pro membership, go to the profile area to see the gift option.

Zomato Gold Membership

Features of Zomato Gold Membership Plan

  • Zomato has collaborated with a wide selection of restaurants, cafés, pubs, and lounges in a variety of places. This guarantees that members have a diverse range of dining alternatives and may experiment with new cuisines and places.
  • In addition to the 1+1 and 2+2 incentives, Zomato Gold Members enjoy exceptional reductions on the entire bill amount. These reductions differ by restaurant and may be applied to the full bill or individual products.
  • Zomato Gold Members have preferential access and bookings at participating restaurants. This means they may avoid the wait and get a table even during busy hours, which increases convenience and saves time.
  • Zomato hosts unique events, tastings, and culinary experiences for its Gold Members on occasion. These events may include masterclasses, chef encounters, food festivals, and other activities that allow members to interact with the culinary world in novel ways.
  • The Zomato app has various features that are only available to Gold Members. Personalized suggestions, unique badges to identify Gold partners, and a separate area to explore Gold-friendly eateries are all possibilities.
  • The perks of Zomato Gold Membership go beyond merely local restaurants. Members may use their benefits at partner businesses in all of the countries where Zomato operates, allowing them to make the most of their membership while on the road.

Drawbacks of Zomato Gold Membership

  • Zomato Gold is not accessible at all restaurants, and the number of dishes and drinks covered by the program may be restricted even at participating restaurants.
  • This might make it difficult to locate restaurants that provide discounts on the food or drinks you wish to order.
  • The Zomato Gold membership cost might be rather high, and it may not be worth it if you don’t dine out much.
  • The membership is only good for a short time, usually one year. You may not receive your money’s worth if you don’t use the subscription sufficiently during this time.
  • Some restaurants may not offer discounts on weekends and holidays, limiting the program’s benefits.

Steps to get 3 Months Subscription of Zomato Gold Membership

  • In the application, go to the Pros tab.
  • Click “I have an activation code” and enter the unique code shared by a Professional member.
  • If you are already a professional member, go to the Profile tab in the application.
  • Click the Your Membership section, then click Renew.
  • Enter the unique code shared by a professional member.
  • Your membership begins, and you can enjoy discounts on dining out and ordering food online.

Zomato Gold Membership Prize

  • Zomato Gold membership is available in two plans. The six-month subscription costs Rs.999. While annual membership is available for Rs.1800.
  • Zomato Gold offers a range of benefits for dining out and ordering food online. You can subscribe to any plan and enjoy the amazing benefits of this membership program. Membership is currently available in cities like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, etc., and will soon be rolled out to other cities as well Customers. You can choose between two different types of membership plans. Gold for restaurants and nightlife.

Deals and Offers of Zomato Gold Membership

  • Individuals will get up to 50% Off from Gold Membership – This is a referral offer that can be used at checkout for an instant discount on Zomato Gold Membership.
  • month freeAlso Get 3 Months Free Subscription – This is also a referral offer where existing Zomato Pro members can gift the free 3 month subscription to others.

Benefits of Zomato Gold Membership

Zomato has partnered with over 3,500 restaurants in India to offer Gold membership benefits. All you have to do is explore different restaurants and enjoy a complimentary dish and drinks for free. This membership program is packed with amazing benefits. Here I’ve listed some of the main benefits you’ll get with your Gold subscription: If you’re planning to meet up for a drink with your social circle, visit a pub or bar that’s under the Zomato Gold restaurant umbrella, and you will enjoy it. two free drinks for free.

Membership offers additional benefits such as invitations to exclusive restaurant events. Events include wine tastings, new menu tastings, food walks, special chef sessions, new restaurant launches and more. Consumers get benefits like the 1+1 meal deal where when the user orders one dish, they get another one for free. In addition, there are benefits of 2 + 2 drinks, where when users order 2 drinks, they can order the other 2 for free.

How does Zomato Gold Membership Work

First, you need to sign up and sign up for the Zomato Gold membership program. Once you are a member you can visit any of the partner restaurants. Let me tell you that Zomato has partnered with over 3500 restaurants in 10 cities including Delhi. NCR, Bangalore, Pune and more.

 Now read the following points to learn how the Zomato Gold membership works: When you visit a Zomato Gold partner restaurant, you must open that restaurant’s page in the app. Then in front of it. When ordering, you must authorize your visit and provide the details to the restaurant staff. Now you can order and don’t forget to enjoy your complimentary food and drinks.

Terms and Conditions of Zomato Gold Membership

  • Get Additional 10% Off Zomato Gold Extra 125 Rs Cashback Minimum transaction amount must be 800 Rs. Use coupon code PAYTMGOLD to get cashback.
  • Offer valid for full membership only. Cashback will be credited within 24 hours after a successful transaction.
  • There is no daily, weekly or monthly limit. Membership can be used on a single mobile device. The member must present a valid ID at the time of redeeming the dining discount. Zomato Pro is not valid for takeout. Any membership discount applies to the first purchase only.
  • Discounts do not apply on special occasions such as New Year’s Eve, Diwali Day, Durga Puja, Christmas Eve, etc.


What is the Coupon Code of Zomato Gold to get Cashaback?

  • Use ‘PAYTMGOLD‘ to Get Cashback.

What are the Benefits of Zomato Gold Membership ?

  • If you’re planning to meet up for a drink with your social circle, visit a pub or bar that’s under the Zomato Gold restaurant umbrella, and you will enjoy it. two free drinks for free.