ODI Fellowship Scheme 2023: Registration, Eligibility, Last Date, Fully Funded

Fellowships are mostly dictated by the criteria of the partner countries of the initiative. The program’s success after 59 years of operation is evidenced by the ongoing demand for ODI fellows from nations and the level of responsibility placed on them. The ODI Fellowship Scheme 2023 is open to applicants from all nationalities, and we encourage and accept submissions from LGBTQ+ and disabled people. Aspirants should be statisticians or economists with a postgraduate degree who are enthusiastic about sustainability.

ODI Fellowship Scheme 2023

  • The first three ODI fellows teamed up in 1963. Since then, more than 1,000 fellows have worked with more than 50 governments and international organisations.
  • Initial statisticians and economists are eligible to apply for ODI fellowships to work for two years in the public sector in low- and middle-income nations in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, the Pacific, and the Western Balkans.
  • The majority of ODI Fellows are employed as regional public servants who answer to regional managers. Fellows work in a range of places, including central banks, statistics bureaus, regulatory agencies, health and education ministries, finance and planning ministries, and more.
  •  For fellows who desire to work with public sector organisations, the ODI offers fellowship opportunities.
  • The fact that this international fellowship programme also offers a definite salary is another appealing aspect. You should not pass up this chance since it will provide you with a lot of opportunities.
ODI Fellowship Scheme

ODI Fellowship Scheme Overview

Name of FellowshipThe ODI Fellowship Scheme 2022-24
countriesAfrica, Asia, the Caribbean, the Pacific and the Western Balkans.
Features technical and administrative skills
DurationTwo Years
Date27th April 2022

Benefits and Importance of ODI Fellowship Scheme

  • GBP 21,000 for the first year and GBP 23,000 for the second.
  • housing stipend
  • It will assist you with gaining the administrative and technical abilities
  • Working in the global hemisphere offers the chance to be surrounded by underlying principles that are distinct from those of its backers.
  • Within the workplace, people are motivated to take action against any injustice and unfairness present in society.

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Objectives and Features of ODI Fellowship Scheme
  • With the aid of the ODI Fellowship, you may improve both your general personality and the technical and administrative abilities necessary for the position.
  • This will make it easier for people from all backgrounds to collaborate and advance the cause of world development.
  • You may develop the interpersonal abilities that power teams and countries while connecting with others.
  • Largest multinational affairs research organisations concentrate on doing research and persuading people to come up with noteworthy ideas since original and useful ideas are important for people and the environment.

Personal Qualities

  • Resilience towards change
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Independent ownership
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Political acumen
Eligibility Criteria of ODI Fellowship Scheme

The following qualifying requirements must be met in full by fellows in order to be eligible for the ODI Fellowship Scheme:

  • Under the programme, all nationalities are eligible.
  • Candidates should hold a master’s or doctoral degree in economics, statistics, or a closely related subject.
  • Following the completion of the degree, students who are presently pursuing a postgraduate degree will get their award following the completion of the degree.
  • The submission must be in fluent English.
  • French competence will be given first preference.
  • able to show an interest in formulating public policy and informality.
  • You need to have appropriate work experience.
Cognitive Memory of ODI Fellowship Scheme
  • a thorough understanding of statistical and economic ideas and the ability to apply them in practical settings.
  • able to evaluate the information and facts.
  • ability to present technical topics in the most straightforward, comprehensive manner.
Capabilities and Process Management of  ODI Fellowship Scheme

Adaptability to change,aptitude for addressing issues,separate ownership, Personality traits,political savvy, able to uphold cultural autonomy within the team adaptable to learning and embracing change,Putting ability before various tasks, Skills in consultation and advocacy,talents with time management,autonomous working ability,writing talents for reports & abilities in project management

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Registration Process of ODI Fellowship Scheme

The step by step Registration process is as

  • visit the official website of the ODI Fellowship Scheme for online registration Click Here
  • Your screen will now display the main page, where you must click the Apply Now link.
ODI Fellowship Scheme
  • Your display will launch a registration page where you must complete the registration form.
ODI Fellowship Scheme
  • After registering, you have seven days to complete the application.
  • You must fill out the application form with all the necessary information. After that, correctly complete your application form and submit it.

Contact Details

For more inquiries about the ODI Fellowship Scheme, you can visit their official website.