TNEA Cut Off 2023: Merit List College & District Wise, TNEA Rank List Check

TNEA Cut Off 2023

The concerned authorities of the Tamil Nadu Government provide a method through which the students who are preparing for the engineering courses can get admission to the prestigious colleges of the state easily and without any problem. This examination is conducted by the organization responsible for engineering admissions in the Tamil Nadu state and this examination is known as the Tamil Nadu Engineering Admission Examination. The candidates need to follow the TNEA Cut Off marks in order to successfully get admission in various courses of Engineering.

TNEA Cut Off 2021

Details Of TNEA Cut Off 2023

Topic Name TNEA Cut Off 2023
Exam NameTamil Nadu Engineering Admission
Academic Year2023
Examination LevelState Level 
Exam CategoryUndergraduate
Conducting AuthorityAnna University
Official Website

Objective of TNEA Cut Off

The main Objective of TNEA (Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions) cut off is to provide all the Students a Secure and transparent admission process for seeking admission under undergraduate engineering programs that are offered by various colleges & Universities in Tamil Nadu. The TNEA Cut Off is the minimum qualifying marks & Points that a candidate must attain in order to be considered for admission to a particular engineering college or program.

Services Available Under TNEA Cut Off

  • Selection of College
  • Access to Online Application Form
  • Verification of Documents
  • Fees Payment

Factors Affecting TNEA Cut Off 2023

There are a lot of different factors that affect the construction of the cut of mark list and some of the factors which will affect the construction of the TNEA Cut Off mark list are given below:-

  • Level of exam difficulty in that year.
  • Number of seats available
  • Previous year’s cutoff trends
  • Number of students who appeared in the exam 
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Features of TNEA Cut Off 2023

  • The TNEA Cut Off for 2023 is likely to be determined by applicants’ academic achievement in qualifying examinations such as Class 12 or equivalent.
  • The Cut Off will be issued individually for each category, such as General, SC, ST, OBC, and others.
  • The cut-off for different engineering institutes in Tamil Nadu is predicted to differ. To be eligible for admission, candidates must fulfill the Cut Off of the college to which they are applying.
  • After the counselling process is completed, the TNEA Cut Off for 2023 is expected to be announced. The counseling procedure will include seat allocation based on the Cut Off and candidate selection.

Opening & Closing Ranks for B.Tech

Given below is the expected cut off marks list for the BTech courses available in the various engineering departments:-

B.Tech ProgramsOpening Cut-Off MarksClosing Cut-Off Marks
Automobile Engineering81.5187.75
Biotechnology Engineering85.75194.25
Civil Engineering76194.5
Computer Science Engineering75200
Electrical & Electronics Engineering80.5195.50
Electronics & Communication Engineering87.25198
Information Technology75193
Mechanical Engineering77.5199
Food Technology87.75193.5
Chemical Engineering83198.75

College Wise TNEA Cut Off 2023 Marks List

Given below is the cutoff mark list according to the various college of engineering present in the Tamil Nadu State especially for the people participating in this exam:-

Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai

Engineering Program Opening MarksClosing Marks
Aeronautical Engineering189.5199.25
Computer Science Engineering176.5199.25
Electronics and Communication Engineering185.75198.5
Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering176.25199.75
Rubber Technology159.75195.75

College of Engineering, Anna University 

Engineering ProgramOpening MarksClosing Marks
Civil Engineering179199.25
Computer Science Engineering183200
Electronics and Communication Engineering194.75200
Electrical and Electronics Engineering189.5199.67
Industrial Engineering171.5197.25
Mechanical Engineering194.25200
Mining Engineering185.25198.25
Manufacturing Engineering175.25197
Printing Technology138.5194.25

PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore

Engineering Program Opening MarksClosing Marks
Civil Engineering189.25198.75
Electronics and Communication Engineering191.5199.25
Electrical and Electronics Engineering183.75199.75
Mechanical Engineering194.75199.5
Metallurgical Engineering175.75197.5
Production Engineering152.75197.75
Textile Technology163.75196.25

SSN College of Engineering, Kalavakkam 

Engineering ProgramOpening MarksClosing Marks
Biomedical Engineering165.25196.25
Civil Engineering172.25196.75
Chemical Engineering152.5195.75
Computer Science Engineering166199
Electronics and Communication Engineering172198.75
Electrical and Electronics Engineering163.5197.25
Information Technology159196.25

Anna University Tiruchirappalli, BITs Campus 

Engineering ProgramOpening MarksClosing Marks
Automobile Engineering140191.5
Biotechnology Engineering143193.25
Civil Engineering147.25194.5
Computer Science Engineering152.25195
Electronics and Communication Engineering167.5195.75
Electrical and Electronics Engineering168.25195.75
Information Technology132.75192.25
Mechanical Engineering138195.5
Petrochemical Engineering143.5193
Pharmaceutical Technology146.25194.75
Civil Engineering77.75178
Mechanical Engineering87.75177.25

Alagappa College of Technology, Chennai 

Engineering ProgramOpening MarksClosing Marks
Chemical Engineering176198.75
Ceramic Engineering149193
Industrial Biotechnology172.25199.25
Textile Technology139.75193.75

Previous 5 Years TNEA Cut Off Analysis

Given below is the previous 5 years Cut Off Marks List according to the various subjects available in TNEA examination 2022:-

Computer Science and Engineering 

College NameMark & Rank20192018201720162015
Pandian Saraswathi Yadav Engg. CollegeMark109.00127.25138.00106.50130.00
Adhiparasakthi College of Engg.Mark108.00118.50129.50122.25141.75
Global Institute Of Engg. And Tech.Mark108.00131.00102.25121.25106.75
St.Mother Theresa Engg. CollegeMark108.00138.00155.50132.75128.75
P.T. Lee Chengalvaraya Naicker College. Of Engg. And Tech.Mark107.50116.50109.5083.7593.25
Mahendra Institute Of Tech.Mark107.50104.00103.5089.0079.50
Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan College. Of Engg.Mark107.5095.25107.00101.00106.50
University Coll. Of Engg.- ThirukkuvalaiMark107.50121.50150.50142.75167.75
D M I Coll. Of Engg.Mark107.00118.75133.50125.00139.25
Bharathiyar Institute Of Engg. For WomenMark107.00137.25140.00101.75118.00
Shanmuganathan Engg. CollegeMark107.00112.75116.00141.0092.50
Sudharsan Engg. CollegeMark107.00111.75103.75118.2594.75
Scad Coll. Of Engg. And Tech.Mark107.0083.2594.7596.5098.75
Sacs M.A.V.M.M Engg. CollegeMark107.00125.25120.00111.25102.25
Prince Dr.K.Vasudevan College. Of Engg. And Tech.Mark106.50118.25126.5099.25117.00

Civil Engineering 

College NameMark & Rank20192018201720162015
Hindusthan Coll. Of Engg. And Tech. (Auto.)Mark86.00125.25162.00161.50181.00
Arasu Engg. CollegeMark86.0080.50109.50123.25134.75
Muthayammal Engg. Coll. (Auto.)Mark85.00109.0082.75104.75114.50
Sri Ranganathar Institute Of Engg. & Tech.Mark84.0089.7589.25110.50140.50
Amrita Coll. Of Engg. And Tech.Mark84.0097.75– –89.7596.50
Rank9734396246– –126319142961
E.G.S.Pillay Engg. Coll. (Auto.)Mark83.5082.75111.00112.00133.25
Chettinad Coll. Of Engg. And Tech. Civil EngineeringMark82.5085.25135.7598.75146.00
Scad Coll. Of Engg. And Tech.Mark81.5082.5087.00108.0090.25
Ramco Institute Of Tech.Mark81.25109.25168.75178.25187.50
Danish Ahmed College. Of Engg.Mark80.5096.00122.0089.50160.50
Prathyusha Engg. CollegeMark80.0097.7591.5090.00159.50
S.A. Engg. CollegeMark80.0094.75128.00106.00171.00
Sri Venkateswara Coll. Of Engg. And Tech.Mark80.0097.50108.7587.75166.75
Vel Tech High Tech Dr.Rangarajan Dr.Sakunthala Engg. College Civil EngineeringMark80.0098.00101.00126.00178.25
PMR Engineering CollegeMark80.00– –– –– –– –
Rank101070– –– –– –– –

Electronics and Communication Engineering 

College NameMark & Rank20192018201720162015
Pollachi Institute Of Engg. And Tech.Mark101.50113.00145.25148.50136.25
Stella Mary\’s Coll. Of Engg.Mark101.50136.75103.00122.00– –
Rank7897966093127277102014– –
Prathyusha Engg. CollegeMark100.50121.75154.50152.50166.00
Tamilnadu Coll. Of Engg.Mark100.5086.25132.0099.00154.25
St. Joseph Coll. Of Engg.Mark99.50121.25170.0096.50173.00
C.K. Coll. Of Engg. And Tech.Mark99.5077.7597.2580.5087.00
N P R Coll. Of Engg. And Tech.Mark99.50114.75119.25101.00140.50
Erode Sengunthar Engg. CollegeMark99.00139.75159.2588.50144.75
Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan College. Of Engg.Mark98.5094.50104.0096.50107.25
Krishnasamy College. Of Engg. And Tech.Mark98.50107.7588.0099.00141.75
Jayaraj Annapackiam Csi College. Of Engg.Mark98.50128.50134.25112.50121.50
Kathir College. Of Engg.Mark97.50133.25147.7598.75118.00
Imayam College. Of Engg.Mark97.50104.0084.00103.00103.00
K.S.K Coll. Of Engg. And Tech.Mark97.00128.2587.2583.50116.00
S.A. Engg. College Electronics and Communication EngineeringMark96.50131.75164.50158.75176.00

Mechanical Engineering 

College NameMark & Rank20192018201720162015
V V Coll. Of Engg.Mark99.00124.25124.50130.25153.75
D M I Coll. Of Engg.Mark98.50100.00139.75126.00160.50
P.S.R Engg. Coll. (Auto.)Mark98.50130.75158.75156.25166.75
Thamirabharani Engg. CollegeMark98.00104.25134.00117.50112.75
Dhirajlal Gandhi College. Of Tech.Mark97.50123.50140.00157.75177.50
J K K Munirajah College. Of Tech.Mark97.50109.25124.0085.0084.50
Infant Jesus Coll. Of Engg.Mark97.5084.50116.00124.75122.75
Karpagam Coll. Of Engg. (Auto.)Mark97.00149.00176.00176.50187.75
Aaa Coll. Of Engg. And Tech.Mark97.00100.50159.50139.50163.50
J P Coll. Of Engg.Mark97.00104.5090.7588.50109.25
Mahendra Institute Of Tech.Mark95.5094.0097.7597.50122.00
Roever Engg. CollegeMark95.50118.75123.75119.25144.25
M R K Institute Of Tech.Mark95.50106.00129.00124.25138.00
Muthayammal College. Of Engg.Mark95.00119.0094.5097.75144.25
University Coll. Of Engg.- PattukkottaiMark95.00140.25171.50164.75184.00

Electrical and Electronics Engineering 

College NameMark & Rank20192018201720162015
Loyola Institute Of Tech.Mark98.00130.25136.7594.50123.00
Valliammai Engg. CollegeMark97.00124.00175.00174.50188.00
Muthayammal College. Of Engg.Mark97.00122.75155.7592.00133.25
Dhirajlal Gandhi College. Of Tech.Mark97.00141.00133.25157.25179.50
Narasu\’s Sarathy Institute Of Tech.Mark96.50138.00159.7589.25159.75
Sri Ranganathar Institute Of Engg. & Tech.Mark96.0099.75132.00135.75106.75
Mahendra Coll. Of Engg.Mark95.5095.00106.00118.50138.75
GRT Institute Of Engg. And Tech.Mark95.2587.50125.50126.25149.50
AVS Coll. Of Tech.Mark94.50151.00151.50122.0083.00
Mahendra Institute Of Tech.Mark94.5085.2594.7584.0079.25
M R K Institute Of Tech.Mark94.5095.50116.50119.50136.50
Anand Institute Of Higher Tech.Mark94.00111.7599.7597.00156.00
Arunai College of Engg.Mark93.00101.00106.7599.5093.50
Mohamed Sathak Engg. CollegeMark93.0089.75137.50112.00146.25
Mookambigai College. Of Engg.Mark92.5094.50128.50131.75109.00

Closing Ranks For Colleges

Given below is the table indicating the closing rank for popular colleges available in the Tamil Nadu State for three consecutive years:-

CollegeClose Ranking ‘20Close Ranking’19Close Ranking’18
College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University (B.E. CS)77409
College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University (B.E. EEE)476587
College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University (B.E. Mech)1,0671,07114,091
SSN College of Engineering (B.E. CS)6047292,525
PSG College of Technology – PSGCT(B.E. CS)617524487
Madras Institute of Technology (B.E. CS)7004441,277
Government College Of Engineering Tirunelveli (B.Tech Civil Eng)1,01419,540
M.Kumarasamy College of Engineering (B.E. CS)1,65127,407
E.G.S. Pillay Engineering College (B.E. CS)170783,562

Importance of TNEA Cut Off 2023

For applicants seeking admission to engineering institutes in Tamil Nadu, the TNEA Cut-Off 2023 is critical. The cut-off serves as a filter, allowing universities to select individuals based on their test scores. Candidates with a score equal to or higher than the Cut-Off for a certain college and branch will be considered for admission.

Candidates with scores lower than the Cut Off would be denied admission to the college and branch of their choice. They will have to seek alternative solutions or try again next year.

TNEA 2023 Rank List Download

After successfully giving the examination the candidates will be selected by the authorities however if you want to check the TNEA 2023 Rank List then you will have to follow the simple step-by-step procedure given below:-

  • The candidates will first have to visit the official website of the Tamil Nadu Engineering Admission
  • The homepage of the organization will open on your screen.
TNEA Cut Off 2021
  • You will have to go to the latest updates section.
  • The latest updates regarding the TNEA 2022 Rank List will open on your screen.
  • You will have to click on the result link.
  • A new page will open on your screen.
  • You will have to enter the details related to your personal information.
  • You will have to enter your roll number and your name.
  • The result will open on your screen.
  • Download the result by clicking on the download button.
  • The candidates can also take a printout of the result for future use.

Factors determining TNEA Cut off 2023

  • The difficulty level of the exam
  • who appeared in the exam to a number of students
  • Now Available seats in the institutes
  • Last year’s cutoff trends

Factors Affecting TNEA 2023 Cutoff 

  • Number of Applicants appearing in TNEA 2023
  • Number of Vacant Seats
  • The difficulty level of the qualifying exam
  • Previous Year Cutoffs

Steps to Check TNEA Cut Off 2023

  • First, all of you have to go to the official website of and search cut off
  • Now you have the required community, enter the captcha and click submit option
  • Now Finally check the cut-off form from the college list branch and district code
  • You have required of next college name
  • TNEA cut-offs in front of you on the screen


What is the Full Form of TNEA ?

  • Tamil Nadu Engineering Admission

What is the Official Website of TNEA Cut Off ?

  • is the Official Website

Is the TNEA 2022 Cut Off Released

Yes the authorities have released the TNEA 2022 Cut Off which is now available on the official website.

Who is Conducting Authority of TNEA Cut Off 2023?

  • Anna University