Sabbatical Leave Scheme 2023: Check Eligibility & Benefits

Sabbatical Leave Scheme 2023 | Sabbatical leave scheme 2023 Sikkim date | Sikkim Sabbatical Eligibility Criteria | Benefits Sikkim Leave Scheme

After launching so many initiatives the government of Sikkim has recently launched the most amazing scheme which is called the Sabbatical Leave Scheme. Under this scheme all the r3gukar government employees will be able to get 3 years of leave without worrying about losing jobs, it was 1 year and now it is 3 years in the event of the 77th Independence Day, the government has initiated this scheme which will be more helpful for the employees. In this article we will provide you with all the important details about this scheme its procedure and how it works, We also have mentioned all the important aspects that will include some of its benefits, eligibility criteria, features, and much more.

Sabbatical Leave Scheme 2023

The government of Sikkim has taken a great initiative by launching this beneficial scheme for all regular government employees. We all know that due to full-time jobs, they aren’t able to do other things like study, vacation, and other things, which makes them sick, to provide them ease the government has created a 1-year leave for all the employees, but now on 77th Independence Day, the government has increased the limit of Sabbatical Leave for 3 years. So those employees who want to pursue their higher education, and start their businesses can now take this opportunity. This is a great opportunity for all the employees, now they can pursue their careers in different fields without losing their government jobs, and the best part is all the employees will get 50% salary each month during the period of their leave. This is a better opportunity, so if you are interested and looking forward to it then you must have to go through this whole article till the end.

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Key Highlights of Sabbatical Leave Scheme 2023

Scheme NameSabbatical Leave Scheme
Announced BySikkim State Government
Announced On14th August, 2023
ObjectiveTo provide sabbatical leave for all the regular government employees without losing their jobs.
BeneficiariesAll the regular government Employees of the State
Sabbatical Leave period365 to 1080 Days
Mode of ApplicationOffline

Objective of Sabbatical Leave Scheme

The main objective of this scheme is to provide all the employees with an opportunity or platform where they can start their businesses or do anything they want to. Due to a lot of workload in government departments employees didn’t get enough time for themselves so to provide them ease the government has taken this beneficial initiative. With the implementation of this scheme, employees get 1 to 3 years period of time for themselves without losing their jobs and will also get 50% of their salary every month while they are on leave.

Benefits of Sabbatical Leave Scheme

  • With the help of this leave initiative, employees can pursue their higher education or start their businesses and will also be able to attend training programs that will enhance their job performance in their specific fields.
  • With the help of this, it will also reduce work burnout stress and improve their mental well-being, which will make them more productive and happier employees.
  • With this leave process, those employees who return from leave will get fresh ideas, and skills in their specific fields, benefiting the government’s different operations and also service delivery.
  • This leave process allows all government employees to explore other fields and private sectors and also get a chance to enhance their knowledge and teach other candidates about their field experiences.
  • Employees can also use their leave to work on social issues and different community services which will enhance their knowledge and they can create and learn new techniques and how it works.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Only skim state government employees are eligible for this scheme.
  • Only those employees who have completed their jobs for 5 years are eligible to get this beneficial opportunity.
  • Those employees who are working in the deputation from the central government, centrally sponsored govt employees other state governments PSY, and board are eligible.

Required Documents List

  • Identity Proof
  • Employee ID
  • Loan Documents (If Applicable)
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Id
  • Passport Size Photograph

How to Apply for Sabbatical Leave Scheme 2023

The employees who want to apply can get the process details through their head, and you have to create a specific formation and you have to submit it to head office. Then the head will pass the application to the upper department, then you will be informed about the leave process.