Rajasthan CM Lok Kalakar Protsahan Yojana 2023: Apply Online

Previously there so many schemes and portals launched by the government of Rajasthan to provide benefits to the citizens of the state, and now we are going to talk about another initiative which is called Rajasthan CM Lok Kalakar Protsahan Yojana 2023. Under this program, the government will provide benefits to folk artists of the state, such as promoting their folk art and also providing them incentives to them. If you are one of the folk artists and looking forward to this initiative and getting benefits so you have to read this article till the end and get all the necessary details that include benefits, eligibility criteria, features, required documents list, and much more.

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Rajasthan CM Lok Kalakar Protsahan Yojana 2023

Under the visionary leadership of the Chief Minister, the Rajasthan government introduced the Lok Kalakar Protsahan Yojana in 2023. Numerous skilled folk artists have lived in the state’s rural areas, preserving and passing down their ancestral art styles through generations. A ground-breaking effort focused on fostering and supporting folk artists in rural Rajasthan. It aims to solve the issues that these artists confront, such as a lack of visibility, financial restraints, and chances to demonstrate their ability. This program will give financial help to qualified artists for the purchase of art supplies, musical instruments, costumes, and other necessities for their performances.

Overview Details of CM Lok Kalakar Protsahan Yojana

Name of the YojanaRajasthan CM Lok Kalakar Protsahan Yojana 2023
Launched by Government of Rajasthan
Year 2023
Category Rajasthan Govt Scheme
Beneficiaries All the folk artists of the state
Aim To provide benefits to the folk artists of the state
Incentive ₹5000
Official website ___

Objective of CM Lok Kalakar Protsahan Yojana

The goal of this program is to develop and promote Rajasthan’s rich cultural heritage by giving complete assistance and encouragement to all rural folk artists. The scheme’s goal is to provide a forum for these exceptional individuals to demonstrate their artistic abilities, conserve traditional art forms, and improve their socioeconomic conditions. Recognizing the great worth of folk art, the program aims to empower and promote folk artists, ensuring that their contributions are recognized and perpetuated for future generations.

Benefits of Rajasthan CM Lok Kalakar Protsahan Yojana

  • Folk artists receive financial help to support their creative endeavors under the Lok Kalakar Protsahan Yojana 2023. This allows people to maintain their livelihoods, which is especially important in rural regions where alternative sources of income may be scarce.
  • The government recognizes their abilities, talents, and cultural legacy by providing assistance. This acknowledgment increases folk musicians’ morale, inspiring pride and pushing them to continue their artistic endeavors.
  • These seminars and training sessions improve their artistic abilities, teach them new techniques, and introduce them to novel approaches.
  • The project aims to improve the infrastructure and services accessible to rural folk performers. This involves the creation of folk arts cultural centers, performance venues, and training institutes.
  • Rajasthan has a diverse cultural legacy that is heavily based on folk art forms. The Lok Kalakar Protsahan Yojana is critical in maintaining these indigenous art forms and averting their extinction.
  • The program promotes various cultural genres to a broader audience, both inside and outside of the state.
  • The government uplifts local communities, creates job opportunities, and supports economic growth by sponsoring folk artists. It also inspires the next generation to be proud of their cultural heritage and to explore jobs in folk arts.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • The candidate must be a Rajasthan resident with a valid residential address in a rural part of the state.
  • Because the plan is expressly created to assist folk artists, the candidate must be actively participating in any type of folk art, such as traditional music, dance, or storytelling.
  • The program has no set age limit. Artists of all ages are welcome to apply, including children, adults, and elderly people.
  • The candidate must be a resident of Rajasthan’s rural area. This system does not apply to artists who live in cities or towns.
  • The candidate should have achieved local or regional recognition or admiration for their folk art.

Required Documents List

  • Identification Documents
  • Address Proof
  • Age Proof
  • Caste Certificate (if applicable)
  • Bank Account Details
  • Passport Size Photographs
  • Folk Artist Certification
  • Income Certificate
  • Contact Details

Registration Procedure Under Rajasthan CM Lok Kalakar Protsahan Yojana 2023

  • First candidates have to visit the Official Website of the Yojana.
  • After that, you have to find the email option, tap on it, and continue.
  • After tapping on that link, candidates are required to make their folk-art video of 15 to 20 mins.
  • With that provide your details and attach the documents also.
  • Before sending the details review it carefully and after satisfaction tap on send option.