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The role of the Department of Science and Technology in the nation’s advancement is crucial. The department engages in a wide range of activities, from advancing cutting-edge basic research and technology development on the one hand to meeting the technical needs of the average person by creating the necessary tools and technologies on the other. We must start some large-scale research initiatives that are relevant to national requirements and that will also be important for technology in the future in light of recent advancements and the increased demands being placed on the S&T system. Here you will get all the ralevent details about Inspire Fellowship 2023.

Inspire Fellowship for Ph.D 2023

  • The Department of Science & Technology sponsors and oversees Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE), a ground-breaking programme designed to draw talent to science.
  • It relies on and depends on the effectiveness of the current educational system for identifying talent. In November 2008, the Indian Government authorised the INSPIRE Scheme, which would cost around Rs 1979.25 crores over the 11th Plan Period. On December 13, 2008, the Honourable Prime Minister officially started the initiative. During the 12th Plan period, the programme will continue with a budgeted allocation of Rs. 2200 crores.

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Inspire Fellowship for Ph.D. Overview

NameInspire fellowship
Launched ByThe Department of Science and Technology
ObjectiveThe Study of Science and Technology
Eligibility CriteriaFirst rank holder in any university at post-graduation
End DateApril 24th, 2022

Benefits and Importance of Inspire Fellowship for Ph.D.

  • The Office Memorandum of the Ministry should serve as the framework for governing the fellowship.
  • As per host institution rules, the cost of potential grand theft is compensated.
  • The yearly cap on contingency funds is $20,000.00. To keep the contingency fund distributed annually or in instalments, the remaining balance of the grant at the end of one year may be carried over to the next year.
Inspire Fellowship 2023

Objective and Features of Inspire Fellowship for Ph.D.

  • In order to build the critical human resource pool needed for bolstering and extending the Science & Technology system and R & D base, INSPIRE’s primary goal is to convey to the youth of the nation the excitement of the creative pursuit of science, and attract talent to the study of science at an early age.
  • The Department of Science and Technology has developed INSPIRE as a creative program to draw talent to the sciences.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Inspire Scholar: MSc or integrated MS/M.Sc graduate with a minimum of 70% overall (or CGP equivalent).
  • First-Rank Holder in Post-Graduate (PG) level exams at the university level in Basic/ Applied Sciences, including Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, Agricultural Sciences, and Veterinary Sciences from any accredited university or academic institution (excluding autonomous colleges) in India.
  • Additionally eligible to apply are first-place finishers in the Graduate/Post-Graduate Level Examination in Medicine solely held by an Indian university or institution.
  • First Place in that university-level test must be attained in a minimum batch size of 10 students with a minimum cumulative score of 70% (or CGPA equivalent) for the full course/program.

Selection Procedure

  • The Final Offer for the INSPIRE Fellowship will be extended to Level 1-Applicants who had previously been admitted to the Ph.D. Program in S&T prior to submitting the application and who had been chosen at both Level I & Level II.
  • Level 2-Applicants who were chosen at Level I but had not yet been accepted into a Ph.D. programme in science and technology will get a Provisional Offer for an INSPIRE Fellowship.

The applicant’s application and the needed documentation (Level I) are reviewed in order to make the Provisional Offer. However, the Level II review of the application is what leads to the Final Offer, which takes into account:

  •  Academic merit.
  • the CV of the research supervisor at the host institution; and
  •  a thorough research proposal from the subject expert committee Candidates must achieve a minimum qualifying score/cutoff in this Level II Evaluation Process, as suggested by the Subject Expert Committee and accepted by the Competent Authority. Depending on the competitive structure of the selection process, the cut-off marks may change. It’s also crucial to remember that a provisional offer does not ensure that an INSPIRE Fellowship will be granted.

Application Procedure of Inspire Fellowship for Ph.D.

The Step by Step Procedure are as

  • The candidate should go to the Department of Science and Technology INSPIRE’s official website
  • Your screen will then display the home page, where you may sign in by entering your login information (login ID and password) and the capture verification code. After doing so, click the Sign In button.
  • Click the Register here link if you are a new user. where the application form will appear on the screen and you must input the necessary information, such as the applicant’s name, email address, mobile number, etc.
  • Click the submit button to complete the application form’s submission once you have correctly filled out all the required fields.