Petrol and Diesel Price Today 2023 : Check fuel rates State Wise

We all know that how rapidly increasing the rates of Diesel and Petrol specially, in India due to the situation of war, and its impact in India also. Final 15 days, the expenses are up with the aid of using Rs. 9.20 consistent with liter after the thirteenth hike. In this article we will share with you all the important details about the increasing rates of Petrol and Diesel Price today 2023. Here you will also get an idea of ​​how fast petrol and diesel prices are increasing day by day. Kindly read this article till the end and get all the information which is provided below.

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Petrol and Diesel Price Today 2023

Gasoline and diesel prices are revised at 6:00 am. m. in the country. This ensures that even small fluctuations in world oil prices can be passed on to fuel consumers and traders. However, there are several factors that affect the price of fuel. These include the rupee to US dollar exchange rate, crude oil costs, global signals, fuel demand, etc. When international crude oil prices rise, prices in India also rise. Tax rates vary from state to state depending on the level of local taxes. Metropolises like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore etc.

petrol diesel price today

Fuel prices in the country. The latest increase has reportedly brought the total increase to ₹9 since the end of a four-and-a-half month tariff review. 2 per liter. If you want to know all state and local gasoline and diesel prices for 2022, see the 2022 gasoline and diesel price list below. All state fuel dealers increased gasoline and diesel prices by 80 paise on Tuesday the 13th increase in the last 15 days.

List for Petrol and Diesel Price State Wise

Andhra Pradesh87.24 ₹/L80.21 ₹/L
Assam104.77 ₹/L90.56 ₹/L
Bihar115.40 ₹/L100.26 ₹/L
Chhattisgarh110.64 ₹/L102.02 ₹/L
Gujarat104.16 ₹/L98.49 ₹/L
Haryana105.22 ₹/L96.45 ₹/L
Himachal Pradesh105.05 ₹/L88.89 ₹/L
Jammu And Kashmir107.75 ₹/L91.22 ₹/L
Jharkhand107.85 ₹/L101.14 ₹/L
Karnataka109.82 ₹/L93.61 ₹/L
Kerala114.49 ₹/L101.42 ₹/L
Madhya Pradesh117.28 ₹/L100.37 ₹/L
Maharashtra117.53 ₹/L102.17 ₹/L
Odisha111.64 ₹/L101.39 ₹/L
Punjab104.19 ₹/L91.59 ₹/L
Rajasthan117.15 ₹/L100.11 ₹/L
Tamil Nadu110.55 ₹/L100.65 ₹/L
Telangana118.59 ₹/L104.62 ₹/L
Uttar Pradesh104.41 ₹/L95.98 ₹/L
Uttarakhand102.95 ₹/L96.53 ₹/L
West Bengal114.28 ₹/L99.02 ₹/L
NCT Of Delhi104.61 ₹/L95.87 ₹/L

City Wise Petrol and Diesel Rate List

Name of the CitiesPetrol PrizeDiesel Prize
Agra104.23 ₹/L95.78 ₹/L
Ahmedabad104.28 ₹/L98.60 ₹/L
Allahabad104.53 ₹/L96.11 ₹/L
Aurangabad121.29 ₹/L105.53 ₹/L
Bangalore110.25 ₹/L94.01 ₹/L
Bhopal117.27 ₹/L100.34 ₹/L
Bhubaneswar111.64 ₹/L101.39 ₹/L
Chandigarh103.96 ₹/L90.09 ₹/L
Chennai110.09 ₹/L100.18 ₹/L
Coimbatore110.57 ₹/L100.67 ₹/L
Dehradun102.95 ₹/L96.53 ₹/L
Delhi104.61 ₹/L95.87 ₹/L
Erode110.58 ₹/L100.68 ₹/L
Faridabad105.37 ₹/L96.60 ₹/L
Ghaziabad104.46 ₹/L96.02 ₹/L
Gurgaon105.06 ₹/L96.30 ₹/L
Guwahati104.77 ₹/L90.56 ₹/L
Hyderabad118.59 ₹/L104.62 ₹/L
Indore117.30 ₹/L100.39 ₹/L
Jaipur117.15 ₹/L100.11 ₹/L
Jammu105.69 ₹/L89.47 ₹/L
Jamshedpur107.82 ₹/L101.09 ₹/L
Kanpur104.14 ₹/L95.72 ₹/L
Kolhapur119.69 ₹/L102.41 ₹/L
Kolkata114.28 ₹/L99.02 ₹/L
Kozhikode114.49 ₹/L101.42 ₹/L
Lucknow104.45 ₹/L96.03 ₹/L
Ludhiana104.42 ₹/L93.09 ₹/L
Madurai110.67 ₹/L100.78 ₹/L
Mangalore109.44 ₹/L93.25 ₹/L
Mumbai119.67 ₹/L103.92 ₹/L
Mysore109.77 ₹/L93.57 ₹/L
Nagpur105.40 ₹/L96.62 ₹/L
Nashik119.99 ₹/L102.68 ₹/L
Noida104.67 ₹/L96.23 ₹/L
Patna115.40 ₹/L100.26 ₹/L
Pune119.14 ₹/L101.85 ₹/L
Raipur110.64 ₹/L102.02 ₹/L
Rajkot104.05 ₹/L98.38 ₹/L
Ranchi107.89 ₹/L101.18 ₹/L
Salem110.85 ₹/L100.95 ₹/L
Shimla105.05 ₹/L88.89 ₹/L
Srinagar109.80 ₹/L92.97 ₹/L
Surat103.37 ₹/L97.68 ₹/L
Thane118.97 ₹/L103.20 ₹/L
Thiruvananthapuram115.45 ₹/L102.26 ₹/L
Trichy109.79 ₹/L99.90 ₹/L
Vadodara103.14 ₹/L97.43 ₹/L
Varanasi104.47 ₹/L96.03 ₹/L
Visakhapatnam118.25 ₹/L103.97 ₹/L

Petrol, Diesel Price Today in Metro Cities

As we know that nowadays, it is becoming really difficult for ordinary people to cope with the higher fuel prices in the country. Especially in the metropolises or big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata etc. Diesel are currently very high. Therefore, many people live in these cities because of their work as most of the companies are located in these cities. People from all over the country come to these big cities to get jobs.

Now fuel prices are rising daily, making it too expensive for people to survive. Since everything is related to fuel prices, the moment petrol and diesel prices go up, everything becomes expensive in the country.

List of Petrol and Diesel Today in Metro Cities
Name of the CityPetrol Price (₹/L)Diesel Price (₹/L)