How to Apply for Medisep ID Card 2023 Download , Medcard Benefits

The Indian government has developed several plans that would help the citizens of the nation. One plan is from Kerala and is for the health of its government employees and pensioners. All current state government employees, including the High Court of Kerala, newly hired staff members, part-time workers, part-time educators, college staffers, teaching and non-teaching staff, retirees and their spouses, and all civil service officers working for the Keralan government are all intended recipients of the comprehensive health insurance coverage provided by the programme. Medical insurance for public servants and pensioners is known as Medisep in Kerala. On submitting the card to the administration of the healthcare facility right away, the card’s beneficiary can benefit from the free cashless facility made available by the plan.

Medisep ID Card

Objectives of Medisep ID Card Scheme 2023

More than 1900 diseases were treated only through the Medisep Scheme, a health care plan for government employees and retirees. The cardholder of this plan is eligible to get cashless benefits for the treatment of any illness without attempting to pay any payments to

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Benefits of Medisep ID Card Scheme

In addition to giving benefits to government employees and pensioners, the Medisep
programme also helps their families. The plan offers hospital costs, such as for prescription medications, accommodation, food, practitioner fees, and medical expenses. Major illnesses including bone marrow transplant, kidney transplant, knee replacement, brain surgery, heart transplant, lung transplant, etc. that cost more than 20 lakh rupees were covered by the plan.The Medisep card plan would benefit 30 million persons and provide three lakh rupees annually.

Overview of Medisep ID Card Scheme

Article NameMedisep ID Card Download
Scheme NameMEDICEP Kerala Scheme
launched byChief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said
Online Application Starting Date1 July 2023
Online Application Last Date31 December 2023
BeneficiariesPensioners and employees
Eligibility for Medisep ID Card Scheme
  • The program is available to part-time workers, part-time teachers, non-teaching personnel,
  • as well as those working in assisted schools, pensioners, and family pensioners.
  • The programme will benefit retirees, family pensioners, directly appointed personal staff of the
  • Chief Minister, other ministers, the opposition leader, the deputy leader presenters, the
  • deputy speaker, the chairman of the finance committees, and employees of universities and
  • local bodies that receive financial assistance from the state government. The plan would
  • dispense perks to All India Service personnel employed by the State Government and their
  • relatives.
  • The family members of an insured employee who qualify for the programme must be minor
  • or adopted children who really are reliant on the insured until they seek work, get married, or turn 18 years old.

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Process for Medisep ID Card Scheme

  • The beneficiaries are made mandatory to complete their enrollment process
  • within the allotted enrollment period.
  • Such beneficiaries may not be enrolled after the enrollment period has ended.
  • The government may from time to time specify the prescribed enrolling
  • method to be followed in the case of pensioners.
  • The State Nodal Cell will keep the database of beneficiaries and communicate
  • it with the chosen insurer in order to start the enrollment process. The insurer
  • would be in charge of enrolling the beneficiaries and producing ID cards.
  • The policy’s expiration date will coincide with the dates of all beneficiaries.
  • Every employee/pensioner will be notified regarding enrolment with
  • Permanent Employee Numbers/Pension Payment Order Number.Regarding enrollment with Permanent Employee Numbers/Pension Payment
  • Order Numbers, each employee and pensioner will get notification.
Guidelines for Medisep ID Card Scheme
  • Guidelines for compiling information on employees, pensioners, and their dependent
  • For Employees and Pensioners:
  • Name, Employee/Pensioner Number/Code, Pension Type, Office, Department or
  • Institution, Designation, Date of Birth, PAN, Aadhaar Number, Name as it Appears on
  • Aadhaar the retirement date, Date of Birth For Dependent:
  • Spouse, Father (non-service/non-pensioner), Mother
  • (non-service/non-pensioner), Son (unemployed, single, and younger than 25),
  • Daughter (unemployed, single, and younger than 25), and Children with a
  • disability of at least 60%
How to Obtaining the MEDICEP ID Number
  • The beneficiary must be familiar with the MEDICEP ID number that
  • was provided to them when they applied for the card in order to download it.
  • open the medicep portal’s official webpage from official website
  • The status is displayed in the menu on the website’s home page. Just click it.
  • Both name and the status will then turn up on that other page.
  • You must first choose the recipient class on this page. Pensioner or employee.
  • Click on the employee ID number. select “Date of Birth.”
  • Then after, choose one department from the number of options,
  • examples include medical, corporate, and so on.
  • The employee’s status will be displayed.
  • From there, it is possible to observe and record the Medisep ID employee

How to Download a MEDICEP ID Card 2023

  • When you click on this link, you will be taken to the new page and given another login page.
  • On this login page, you will need to provide a username and password.
  • You can use your PAN number as the password and your Medisep ID number as the username.
  • A page with all of the beneficiary’s credentials will load as soon as you log in.
  • A health card can be downloaded if you want to. You’ll choose to click it.
  • Therefore, using this procedure, the Medisep ID card could be downloaded.